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Pharmaceutical Biotechnology MSc

General information

The future of biotechnology promises many advances in drugs, drug delivery systems, and other pharmaceutical specialities, including polypeptides, proteins, viruses, DNA and antibiotics.

The Master course „Pharmaceutical Biotechnology“ covers all relevant aspects for the development of new biotechnology based drugs, starting from of drug target identification over up- and downstream processing till formulation.
It also provides a basis for understanding the mechanisms and process
involved in diseases.

The M.Sc. program in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is specially designed for undergraduates to obtain an internationally recognized degree by giving them the necessary knowledge, capabilities and methods in a way to enable them to scientific work, critical evaluation of scientific results and responsible
action. You will mainly extend your practical and methodical experience

After successful completion of the Master examination, the Faculty of Natural Sciences I – Biosciences at Martin Luther University awards the academic degree Master of Science (MSc.)

General information on the International Master Course Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at MLU
general_info_PhBT V08 2014.pdf (71.3 KB)  vom 06.01.2014

Detailed curriculum of the Master Course of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Curriculum PharmBiotech R01 Pie23.pdf (85 KB)  vom 25.01.2013

Manual of the modules of the master course Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Manual of Modules PhBT 2012 09 24.pdf (154.8 KB)  vom 25.01.2013