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Dear Applicants,

Applicants who obtained their bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in Germany must apply via

Applicants who obtained their bachelor's degree (or equivalent) abroad must apply via    until March 31.

The decision on acceptance will be made by the board of examiners.

For international students which obtained their degree outside Europe the decision on accpetance is usually made until May 31.

For  international students holding a degree "equivalent to german degrees"  the decision on acceptance is usually made until August 30 (as for  applicants who obtained their degree in Germany).

Please make sure  that your application is complete and an email address is given! As our  correspondance will mainly managed by email, you are advised to check  your mailbox regularly to receive further information.

You will  get a confirmation as soon as your application has been received. Now,  you have to pass a selection procedure. After the respective deadline,  you’ll get informed about the status of admission.

For any questions regarding application and admission please contact

Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg    
Matriculation office    
06099 Halle (Saale)    


Note:  Indian students should not apply through any consultant company!